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We enable consumer engagement and back-end big data analysis.


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Counterfeiting is a global problem with negative impact on consumers, brands and retailers. Relying on our PUF technology to extract silicon biometrics, we make unclonable RFID chips and use them to uniquely identify products.

With a simple tap of an NFC phone, consumers can verify authenticity of the product at any time. We have also built a robust platform to enable consumer engagement and back-end big data analysis on top of authentication for a variety of applications: pharmaceuticals, liquor, cigarettes, luxury goods, electronic devices, access cards... and much more.

  • Low-cost
  • Unclonable
  • Consumer Focused


Sensor Authentication

Internet of Things

Everyday more and more objects: electronic devices, wearables, medical patches, smart home appliances... are being embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate. This is a reality and authentication between devices is becoming a growing security issue.

Building upon our PUF technology, we are able to provide robust end-point authentication with no need for stored keys, secure memory, crypto or anti-tamper technology. We have developed the technology to reliably authenticate the silicon remotely and establish trust for data being read or written to an IoT endpoint.

  • Unclonable ID
  • Light weight interface
  • Simple implementation

Trusted Computing

In a world where machines are slowly taking over on easy daily tasks to make our lives easier, authentication between two machines is critical. Strengthening communication nodes legitimacy is crucial so stakeholders can keep developing complex and efficient fully integrated machine-to-machine solutions.

In this area, we have developed PUF-based highly secure key generation mechanisms that can be easily integrated in any ASIC and FPGA. This technology generates volatile secrets, there is no need for trusted programming and it can be used for cryptographic applications (AES, RSA, HMAC...)

  • Small-process geometry
  • Highly secure applications
  • Tested across different environmental conditions

Key Generation

Core Technology
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