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David B:W

This is an exciting time for Verayo. After being in stealth mode for many moons, not being able to disclose any of our recent developments and innovation in PUF technologies, at last, our new web site (I hope you like it) is live and all communication channels open!

Surprisingly enough, our marketing gurus have even encouraged me to start a column dedicated to cryptology and security… with the caveat that I should relate my stories, whenever possible, to our company products and technology portfolio. Fair enough, freedom is rarely absolute and at least, I am not required to say that our products are fantastic (they are) and our solution the (very) best available to tackle authentication issues in a variety of use cases, across most verticals.

I will try to post on a regular basis (though you all know how unreliable (crypto)boys can be) about my favorite topics, but also invite experts to either post an interesting story, play a crypto Q&A game with me, or simply comment on a key event (NSA position on privacy issues anyone?) happening in our (in)secure world.

Stay tuned, CryptoBoy is watching you !!

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