Wearable technology, what’s next?

Wearable Technology

So far, I haven’t seen any wearable electronic device that I would like to wear – chunky wristbands, masculine watches and space glasses are not what I’m looking for. I want something that looks nice, but is also functional.

Most of the existing wearable gadgets are limited to certain functions – activity tracking, body sign measurement, phone notifications and video/pictures. Each device in the market, at least in the future market, seems to be addressing only one or a few of these features at a time. But to make me wear one (because I only have one body), I need more (and meaningful) features.

The next big thing should be a nice-looking device that also offers an integrated computing solution.  Furthermore, functions not currently offered by my smartphone. What would be the point of duplicating features? I already carry my phone everywhere. What would make me carry something else?

Authentication. We all need to prove who we are all the time to securely access our countless number of digital accounts. What if authentication was offered frictionless in a wearable device? Good news is, Verayo has developed a very secure and convenient authentication technology that can be easily integrated to (or embedded in) almost any device… want to learn more?  Ask us at contact@verayo.com.

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