Convenient authentication provides you with more security


Opal by Verayo - Simply Secure

Digital authentication should be convenient. No doubt. We should be able to enjoy our interconnected digital world without wasting our time with complicated authentication steps (passwords, passcodes, security questions…) It sounds obvious, but existing solutions seem to forget this common desire. They seem to believe that the more complicated, the more secure.

But the truth is the “more complicated”, the more incentives we (users) find to create shortcuts, and consequently, the “less secure”.

Have you heard anything about the password dilemma? When passwords first appeared in our lives, they worked just fine, not a big deal: a keyword you need to remember to prove who you are. First thing that came to your mind. No big requirements.

Nowadays, it’s a different story. The more digital accounts we have, the more passwords we need to remember. And for security reasons, we are required to create very complicated passwords (combination of capital letters, numbers, symbols, etc.) But we need to keep living our lives. We need to save room in our brains for other very important activities that take place in life. That’s why we (users) create shortcuts: pet’s name, middle name, sequence of numbers… we also write them down and use a few passwords for multiple accounts. But, guess what? That makes passwords, and consequently the authentication process, “less secure”.

Yet, let’s be honest. Most of us live our lives ignoring how exposed we are. We blindly rely on passwords. We don’t think about it. We might think it’s not important. But, it is. Our digital identity is at risk.

At this point, I hope, we all agree on how important authentication is and why it should be seamless. The “more convenient” it is, the more likely we will use it properly, and the “more secure” our digital life will be. This is why Verayo has created Opal. Simply secure. Learn more at


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