If you are using passwords, stay on the safe side!

Risky Passwords

You might not think about your passwords all the time, how strong they are. And probably, you haven’t experienced any hacking before, so you feel secure. But you are certainly at risk when relying only on passwords to access your digital accounts.

This is particularly true if you use ‘easy to remember’ passwords. If you do, you are not alone, but that only makes you more vulnerable.

Over the years, multiple lists have been posted online with passwords stolen in data breaches. It has been demonstrated that millions of people use weak passwords, such as: ‘123456’, ‘password’, ‘111111’, etc.  Let’s be honest, these passwords are not only ‘easy to remember’, they are also ‘easy to hack’.

Isn’t this scary? Yes, it is. Anybody can figure them out. More importantly, many hackers are out there trying to figure them out.

If you are using one of these risky passwords, please change it immediately. But also, look for a second layer of authentication. Passwords are not enough.  Verayo provides you with convenient and secure authentication solutions.  Learn more at www.verayo.com.


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