Combining hardware and software to make security real secure

Software and Hardware

Software is very important to build security solutions, but alone is not enough. Software is breakable, some solutions are stronger than others, but still hackable. At Verayo, we believe a combination of hardware and software is the answer for enhanced security. With our SiliconIDTM technology, we created a small hardware seed that allows us to deploy differentiated SaaS security solutions.

What is distinctive about our hardware seed is its uniqueness.  Our modules are unclonable, built upon our patented Physical Unclonable Function (PUF), nobody can copy or imitate the identity of the silicon. And they are so small that can be embedded almost anywhere – any type of sensors, processors, mobile devices, wearables, personal computers and home appliances.

In addition, we have built SaaS solutions to leverage the singularity of our modules and provide authentication solutions for products, people and machines. Our complete set of APIs enables programming in any platform. We know integration is critical to create effective security solutions. If you want to learn more, let us know at


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