Wearable devices have come to stay, but that market needs a shake!


Verayo wearable

Personal ornaments have always been present in our lives… earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. We, human beings, have always worn our jewelry proudly. They are valuable. They enhance us. They help us express who we are. Their design, uniqueness, and functionality are part of the decision for which one we use.

Over time, jewelry has evolved. Even technology gadgets have become part of the broad selection. Yes, you heard right, electronics. Smart watches and activity trackers you can wear on you wrist or even pin on your clothes. The list of brands entering into this market keeps growing every day, maybe too much. Users can’t keep up with it. And any new wearable competes with the traditional ones; those we carry just for fashion. It’s a hard decision, what should I carry with me today?

Not all the time it is about appearance, though. Functionality is a big deal, too. We are limited in the number of pieces we can wear at a time, so wearables need to have a purpose, and a good one! They need to be worth the valuable space we assign to them in our lives.

If the wearable market doesn’t provide integrated solutions (devices with multiple and relevant functions), users will be forced to choose. In that case, the question is… what is truly relevant for them? At Verayo, we know that security is for sure part of that list. That’s why we have developed our SiliconIDTM technology. This patented technology is so easy to integrate to other devices that we could actually provide a security solution for almost any wearables in the world.

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