Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies come with their share of risks

Nowadays, in this world where real-time connectivity and ability to get access to any information from anywhere, companies cannot do without letting their employees use internet-connected mobile devices. In that sense, more and more companies are allowing employees to work using their personal devices also-known-as BYOD policies.

According to Forrester, more than 53% of workers worldwide are allowed to do so. And this trend is even stronger in high-growth markets (Brazil, China…) as companies can’t keep up with their needs for real-time connectivity.

One could think it is particularly appealing to employees. But do you really think that companies would agree for such a big change if they couldn’t get their part of value? For example, Intel decided to allow their 107,000 employees to use their own devices. This comes with a boost of employee efficiency (57min of additional time to work per day) as they are supposed to be connected at all times, and some clear IT savings ($1,650 per worker per year) as companies don’t need to spend money to equip their employees.

Meanwhile, it would be too perfect if this doesn’t come with their share of risks. Indeed, company data is more difficult to control. By using a non company-controlled device, employees are putting company data at risk. Unsecured wireless network, weak passwords and cookies, vulnerable personal software/applications and obviously stolen or lost devices are a real fear for companies. And they need solutions to mitigate those risks.

Companies can still force their employees to use security solutions such as private/professional personas or mobile SSL/VPN to limit these risks but nobody can do anything against stolen devices if employees don’t realize fast enough their mobile devices are missing. Remotely wipe devices is possible, but it requires employees to declare their device is lost.

Verayo token to secure access to your mobile devices

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